Premium Purity™

Health Care

At, we want to save lives by protecting humans and animals from damaging microbes and harmful organic chemicals.

We have copied nature’s own disinfection methods and created an effective and sustainable disinfection solution that is verified by scientific research. We call this Premium Purity™.

When Premium Purity™ has been implemented in hospital rooms, baths, kitchen, operating theater and public areas, the coating actively decomposes bacteria, viruses, and harmful volatile organic compounds, creating a healthier and low-microbial indoor environment with supreme air quality.

Once coated, daily cleaning is performed with a fluid produced on site by using only water and salt. This system significantly reduces the use of toxic chemicals, water, and plastic.

A wide range of hospitals and health care facilities has already tested Premium Purity™. An article published in the American Journal of Infection shows a 30% reduction of surface microbiology when using a photocatalytic coating.

With our solution, we reach a log 5 reduction in lab tests, and a 98% reduction in field tests.

We look forward to bringing Premium Purity™ to your facility for the benefit of your patients, your staff, and the environment.

“… HEALTH CARE FACILITIES contain potentially contaminated surfaces that are either difficult to sanitize or prone to recontamination. Photocatalytic materials exhibit anti-microbial activity when exposed to light and provide a safe, durable coating on a wide range of surfaces.”

Pulliam, J. R.,
American Journal of Infection Control, Vol 43, 2, 180 – 181, Feb. 2015.

BENEFITS for Health Care

Long-term protection against microbes

Premium Purity™ delivers a documented reduction of microbes such as bacteria and viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), airborne mold spores, and airborne allergens.

Return on investment

Client cases show that Premium Purity™ reduces cost through savings on water consumption, a better use of manpower and equipment, as well as lower machinery maintenance costs. Premium Purity™ also allows for higher capacity utilization (e.g. shorter cleaning cycles, reduced machinery maintenance), and a high chance of shorter hospitalization.


Premium Purity™ lets our clients help our planet eliminating the need for toxic chemicals, water, and plastic. To further improve the positive environmental impact, cooperates with recognized NGOs, such as Plastic Change.

Patient safety and health 

A reduced risk of healthcare-acquired infections (HAI) and cross-contamination, as well as a reduced risk of microbial resistance to antibiotics. This can result in increased patient safety and satisfaction, as well as a potentially quicker recovery.

Working environment

Reduced need for protective equipment. Improved and simplified working routines and cleaning protocols maintain better working conditions for cleaning personnel.


Brand enhancement

The Premium Purity™ message corresponds well with today’s consumers’ sustainability requirements. With Premium Purity™, clients can promote their efforts to protect lives and the environment.

Summary of submitted test results
The product’s method of action is innovative when compared to the reduction of microorganisms on surfaces achieved with standard products. Once applied to a surface and dried, the product produces a long-lasting anti-microbial effect.

Titanium dioxide surface treatments are new and innovative products for disinfection. The preliminary laboratory results and clinical studies show that the product has a reducing effect on the number of microorganisms when applied on surfaces.


Public hospital, Denmark

Average number of microbes with and without ACT CleanCoat™

ATP, [Femtomole] (Cleanliness)  |  Airborne microbes, [CFU/cm²] |  Surface microbes, [CFU/cm²] |  *Listeria monocytogenes |  *Salmonella*
Dark blue column: without ACT CleanCoat™ |  Light blue column: with ACT CleanCoat™

Test performed by the in cooperation with ISS
*Out of 24 tests

Private hospital, Safdarjung Enclave, India

Test type Average before
Premium Purity™
Average after
Premium Purity™
ATP [femto mol] (Cleanliness) 424.0 182.0 57.1 %
Surface microbes, [CFU/cm²] 61.0 20.0 67.2 %

Project no. 910001, test performed by OncQuest

Private hospital, Karol Bagh, India

Test type Average before
Premium Purity™
Average after
Premium Purity™
ATP [femto mol] (Cleanliness) 1,408.0 356.0 75.9 %
Surface microbes, [CFU/cm²] 254.0 48.0 81.1 %

Project no. 910003, test performed by OncQuest

BRANDING Premium Purity™

We can help you leverage Premium Purity™ as a branding tool both internally and externally.

The Premium Purity™ symbol is a quality stamp that assures customers that your ship is low-microbial and uses sustainable disinfection and cleaning. It also demonstrates that your vessel is saving toxic chemicals, water, and plastic.

See more in the Premium Purity™ Branding Kit

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