Brewing Up the Fight Against Mold

Helsingborgs Bryggeri, Helsingborg, Sweden

Brewing up the fight against mould

In the quiet and cosy surroundings on the outskirts of the city, we find Helsingborg’s Bryggeri. Before brewmaster Peter Nilsson started this charming microbrewery, it used to house a company of the Swedish army.

Today the weapons are gone, and the area is only armed with the smell of brewing beer and nostalgia. Though the army has left the premises, the brewmaster has fought a tough battle – the enemy being hardcore mould. The mould was a serious plague and the brewmaster had his hands full.

The walls and ceilings were covered with black mould. Besides being both unpleasant and slightly embarrassing when guests came to visit the well-known brewery, it also presented a health risk that could potentially contaminate the beer.

Frequently, Helsingborg’s Bryggeri had to stop their production for 2–3 days in order to remove the mould. Sadly, the mould would return only after a few weeks.

In this case, ACT.Global coated various parts of the brewery with ACT CleanCoat® and introduced the ACT ECA System as part of the cleaning procedure.

The results are staggering. The mould – and its dull smell – has been vanquished.

1) Before Premium Purity™  |  2) After a year Premium Purity™  |  3) After 18 months with Premium Purity™
(Due to the damages caused by the mould the walls and roof had to be renovated before the coating of ACT CleanCoat)

Photo: Peter Nilsson, Brewmaster, Helsingborgs Bryggeri

‘Normally the walls would be full of black mold. But now it’s a lot easier to keep it nice and clean. We spend significantly less time on cleaning and many of the cleaning tasks that used to take an hour are accomplished in 20 minutes … it’s a nice feeling to work here again – and we have a newfound pride towards our brewery when we do the open tours.

Today the brewery has fully installed Premium Purity™: all surfaces have been treated with CleanCoat, ACT Surface Protect is used on couplings, equipment and ACT Hand Protect Soap is used to keep hand and skin microbe-free.

ACT CleanCoat

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