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Conventional disinfection vs. long-term disinfection

A recent episode of BBC TV’s Trust Me, I’m a Doctor has provided a shocking illustration of the limitations of conventional antibacterial products, underlining the need for ACT.Global’s innovative approach to kitchen hygiene.
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The results are dramatic.

“In all cases, there was bacterial and fungal growth after one hour” Dr. Dover tells presenter Gabriel Weston. The effect of the antibacterial wipes is so limited, in fact, that Dr. Dover says he would expect to find traces of harmful microbes after just two minutes.

The contamination progresses as time passes. After just 12 hours one of the test plates is completely covered in fungi.

The experiment leaves Weston, a practicing surgeon, in no doubt: “Using antibacterial products is not affecting our exposure to microbes as much as we thought.”

No matter how well an antibacterial product has cleaned a surface, the bacteria, yeasts, and moulds, which are everywhere in the environment, begin to regrow almost immediately.

Unlike conventional disinfectants that vaporise within minutes after application, our solution offers long-term protection against microbes, including bacteria, viruses, algae, mould spores, and unpleasant odours.

ACT Surface Protect offers a long-lasting alternative to conventional antibacterial wipes. Like other products in the ACT Surface Protect series our wipes are based on a groundbreaking technology: a polymer that adheres to surfaces and a powerful disinfectant.

This combination makes a treated surface self-disinfecting for up to 14 days — a dramatic improvement compared to the experiment on the show Trust Me, I’m a Doctor.
Food for thought next time you are in the kitchen preparing a meal.

Introducing ACT Surface Protect

ACT Surface Protect is a disinfection product that leaves long-lasting protection against a wide range of bacteria and viruses.

In short ACT Surface Protect works as follows: a disinfectant polymer binds itself to the treated surface where it encapsulates and eliminates bacteria, viruses and other microbes.

In this way, bacteria are controlled without use of harmful chemicals or antibiotics.

The product provides extremely effective protection against bacteria and viruses, such as influenza, and it provides powerful protection against other pathogens. ACT Surface Protect is available in liquid form and as wet-wipes.

Product applications

The product will adhere to almost any type of organic or inorganic surface. The product is also approved for surfaces with direct food contact. Also suitable for healthcare and animal husbandry.

• Treated surfaces are antibacterial for 14 days after application
• Can be applied to any surface
• Delivers round-the-clock effectiveness
• Is available as spray or wet wipes
• Is approved for use on surfaces with direct food contact

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