ACT ECA System

Cleaning with water and salt?

The ACT Solution is built upon our belief of using as eco-friendly an approach as possible to achieve the desired hygiene level. The ACT ECA System is a perfect example of this. With the ACT ECA System we are removing all pernicious detergents from the daily cleaning and replacing them with products made from water and salt. It works everywhere – from hospitals and hotels to offices and food manufacturing sites.

Introducing the ACT ECA System

Compared to traditional cleaning methods which use products with pernicious chemicals, the ACT ECA Solution is environmentally friendly.

ECA means Electro-Chemically Activated. It is a process in which water and salt run through an activation and create hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH), also known as lye and caustic soda.

In short, the system turns water and salt into a liquid cleaning agent by destabilising and elevating the electrical charge of the water. The system has passed the EN 1276 test proving its effectiveness as a disinfectant.

With an ACT ECA Pro Generator you create your own pH-neutral and environmentally friendly ACT ECA Water:

ACT ECA Blue: Cleaning and disinfection
ACT ECA Green: Degreasing and disinfection
ACT ECA Red: Limescale control and disinfection

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Staff-friendly cleaning

Using the ACT ECA System means a lot for the job satisfaction of the cleaning personnel. With ACT ECA Water the need for gloves, masks and other protective measurements is redundant.

In contrast to soaps and other conventional cleaning agents, ACT ECA Water will not need to be rinsed of after application. This saves several steps in the cleaning protocol, making the daily cleaning easier and faster.

Eco-friendly cleaning

The ACT ECA System replaces strong chemical detergents and disinfectants. The leftover will decompose and only water and salt remain – without leaving any negative impact on the environment. As rinsing after application is unnecessary, using ACT ECA Water saves a lot of water on every cleaning cycle.

The cleaning agents are produced with an ACT ECA generator, which is installed on-site – reducing the need for transportation and storage of detergents and disinfectants.

Production-friendly cleaning

According to Danish law it is required to rinse surfaces after a disinfection process. Since the ACT ECA Water only consist of water and salt they have been granted exception for this rule.

In many food production sites this means less time cleaning and more time producing.

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