ACT CleanCoat®

By applying the latest discoveries in nano-technology, we have been able to copy nature’s own disinfection method, probably creating the eco-friendliest disinfectant in the world.

Introducing ACT CleanCoat®

The heart of the ACT Solution is ACT CleanCoat® – a transparent and odourless coating that can be applied to all surfaces. Once applied it starts a photocatalytic reaction that eliminates all microbes, such as bacteria (also MRSA) viruses, mould spores, and organic chemicals like volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

With ACT CleanCoat®

• Surfaces become self-disinfecting after application
• Purifies the air and improves indoor climate
• Approved for use on all surfaces including surfaces with direct food contact

Key ingredient, titanium dioxide

The key ingredient in ACT CleanCoat® is titanium dioxide (TiO2). There is a good chance you might already know TiO2 from your common white paint, candy, sunscreen or your favourite toothpaste. It is an approved food additive both in the EU and the US.

The magic of photocatalysis

Photocatalysis is a reaction that occurs in the presence of light, water and oxygen. The reaction is accelerated by a catalyst (Titanium dioxide) and is normally activated by the energy of light.

When TiO2 is exposed to light, electron-hole pairs are generated. These electron-hole pairs are more reactive than the chemical bindings than H2O. This creates free molecules eliminating all microbes they come in contact with.

1) ACT CleanCoat
® treated surface  |  2) Light activates photocatalyses  |  3) Free radicals that eliminate microbial matter are generated

Get a quick introduction to photocatalysis from this video by TEDx.


Photocatalysis explained by the German Federation for applied Photocatalysis (UK)

Beating bacteria

ACT CleanCoat® has passed 24 EN tests conducted on more than 18 different organisms including Influenza A, Influenza B, salmonella and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

VOCs vanish

Volatile organic compounds are carbon-based molecules that easily evaporate at low temperatures (low boiling point). Formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, NOx and xylene are well-known VOCs.
The typical drowsiness you experience after a lengthy time indoor is often caused by one of these VOCs.
ACT CleanCoat® reduces the amount of VOCs and odours (also carbon-based molecules) in the air. Leaving you with better indoor air quality.

Limonen in 25 L Tedlar® bag

Concentration (μg/m3) over time (minutes)  |  Black line: without ACT CleanCoat®   Blue line: with ACT CleanCoat®

Mastering mould

In nature mould is an absolutely necessity to decompose dead organic material. However, in buildings mould pose a significant problem. Besides the unpleasant odour and possibly costly reconstruction of organic building materials, there are serious health risks involved with living and working in a mould-infested environment.

Mould spores are basically everywhere, but with ACT CleanCoat® they are eliminated before they even settle on a coated surface, inhibiting spore germination or mycelium growth.

ACT CleanCoat® has passed several EN tests against moulds and yeasts
• EN 13624, Stachybotrys (black mould)
• EN 14562, Stachybotrys (black mould)
• EN 13624, Candida albicans (candida yeast)
• EN 14562, Candida albicans (candida yeast)

Learn more about ACT CleanCoat®

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