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At ACT.Global, we want to protect humans and animals from damaging microbes and harmful organic chemicals. Thus, we have copied nature’s own disinfection methods and created an effective and sustainable disinfection solution combined with scientific verification. We call this Premium Purity™.

Premium Purity™ is especially beneficial to the hospitality industry where low-microbial environments are important to the health of the staff and guests. And as an extra benefit, we help reduce the use of toxic chemicals, water, and plastic.

We look forward to bringing Premium Purity™ to your hotel for the benefit of you, your guests, your staff, and the environment.

Premium Purity™ offers:

Guest satisfaction

  • Protection against microbes
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Low environmental impact


Quick and substantial return on investment

  • Core process optimization
  • Cost savings
  • Revenue increase potential


Improved corporate social responsibility

  • Better working environment
  • Focus on environmentally friendly solutions


Brand enhancement

  • Save toxic chemicals, water, and plastic
  • Protection against microbes
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Supreme standards

Photo: With courtesy of the Brøchner Hotels. All rights reserved Brøchner Hotels

“… we have an ambition of using innovative solutions to create unique hotels … and with Premium Purity we set new standards”

Christian Lond, Director of Brøchner Hotels’ procurement lab.

Branding Premium Purity™

If your hospitality facility meets the established requirements, it can become Premium Purity™ certified. This enables you to use the Premium Purity™ symbol as a branding tool both internally and externally.

The Premium Purity™ symbol is a quality stamp, which guarantees that your hotel is low-microbial and uses sustainable disinfection and cleaning. It also shows that you are saving toxic chemicals, water, and plastic.


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