ACT.Global at NSCH conference in Stockholm

Last week ACT.Global had the pleasure to attend the first Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare in Stockholm. We had an informative, wonderful time and it was encouraging to see the flow and creation of new ideas, services and products that will shape the future of healthcare.

ACT Solution in final

Congratulations to Södra, Region Halland, VGR, Högskolan i Halmstad and SWT Development who beat us to the first spot as ‘Innovation of the year’.

Their product, Durapulp, is a mixture of wood fibre and a biopolymer called PLA. In short Durapulp is made out of paper, but takes on the strength and durability similar to steel or plastic. Not only is the product made of biodegradable material, Durapulp also has a negative carbon footprint – in other words it has a positive impact on the global carbon balance.

One could easily imagine how this new material could help reduce the significant waste pile that is a by-product of modern healthcare.

We appreciated the opportunity to give a five minutes presentation on the ACT Solution and how we can raise the hygiene level of healthcare facilities and making them truly low-bacterial. The positive response suggests that there is both interest in and a need for our services on the marked.

We would also like to thank participants, and everybody involved in the making of the first Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare. It has been a huge success. See you next year!