Green X – ACT.Global’s new partner in Benelux

ACT.Global and Belgium based company GreenX have signed a master partner agreement for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The name GreenX is rooted in the company’s vision statement: Provide environmentally friendly solutions (Green) to eliminate (X) biological risks.

The owner, Peter Van Eylen, was originally introduced to us by our contacts at 3M. He holds a Master´s of Applied Natural Sciences and has dedicated most of his professional life to the area of microbiology.

Peter is also Managing Director of another company, L.E.D Techno. L.E.D Techno counts a staff of 25 and sells microbiology related equipment to laboratories and the food industry. It was Peter's experience working with the removal and control of microbiology that made him realise the potential for creating low-bacterial environments in other segments – and so GreenX was born.

‘When I was introduced to ACT.Global and its solution, I quickly realised that this was a perfect match for GreenX and our client base. A limited range of products that are all in sync with the Green X ideology: the green removal of bioburden.  Also worth noting - the solution can be used in all industries!’

If you want to know more about GreenX please click here