The Process

For all our clients we have a set process that ensures that the client's hygiene targets are reached and maintained. Below the overall process is illustrated.  


Establishing targets

The first step is to establish targets for your hygiene levels. Together, we create a timeline and an execution plan.


With the targets in place, we measure the hygiene level at relevant points of contact. Afterwards, all surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly.


The clean surfaces are coated with ACT CleanCoat, and ACT ECA generators are installed to create ACT ECA Water for cleaning. The new cleaning protocol and products are introduced.


The premises still need daily cleaning. You can now use the efficient eco-friendly ACT ECA Water for your cleaning.

Testing and reporting

An essential part of the Premium Purity™ Solution is our service offering where we collect, track and deliver relevant hygiene data and customer reports to ensure we meet the established targets.

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