A new way of breaking the mould

Protect buildings
Safer indoor environment
Reduce allergic discomfort

When nature moves in …

Moulds are microorganisms that are found virtually everywhere, indoors and outdoors. The potential health effects of exposure to indoor mould are of increasing concern. Besides the musty smell and the biodegradation of wood, dry walls and grouting – there is an actual danger of discomfort like conjunctival irritation, nose and throat discomfort, headache and allergic skin reaction when exposed to mould.

According to Bolius 43% of all 540.000 households in Denmark have had problems with bad indoor climate – and 157.500 could relate their problem to moulds. ACT.Global provides solutions that stop the air born spores from settling and starting to grow and eliminates mould straight at the treated surface.

Cases from the real world

Our solution is not just a theoretical idea, it is a proven concept. We have a gathered a few real life cases here. If you want to hear more. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

KissSalis, Germany

Spa with over 500.000 visitors a year

Lido Fitness, Denmark

Denmark's biggest Fitness Centre

Medical Clinic, Denmark

Jan Saabye has 14 operating theaters

More efficient cleaning that last longer

Being part of the degradation process in nature, mould presents a threat to the buildings they settle in. Our solution reduces the air born mould spores even before they settle and grow into a full blown organism.

ACT CleanCoat® itself is an invisible, odourless, non-toxic coating that removes airborne pollutants such as bacteria and mould that are often transported through the air. Because ACT CleanCoat® works like a repellent preventing dirt from sticking to surfaces, it also makes your premises easier to clean. It is a fact that businesses using ACT CleanCoat® report a reduction of up to 70% in cleaning costs from reductions in chemicals and labour efforts.

ACT CleanCoat® is guaranteed to work continuously for at least 12 months, breaking down every organic contaminant it meets.

This means moulds never have a chance to grow on or adhere to treated surfaces.


Various industries appreciate different benefits of the ACT.Global solution. Clients in the healthcare sector trust us, because we dramatically reducethe amount of virus and bacteria in their environment. The food industry are focused on the prolonged cleaning cycle they get, and public institutionslove the fact, that they are protecting their citizens from unnecessary exposure to microbes.

If you want to know how we can help you and your situation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can find your point of contact here.