Introducing ACT CleanCoat®

Self-disinfecting surfaces
Low-bacterial environments
Cleaner air

What is ACT CleanCoat®?

At the heart of our solution is ACT CleanCoat®. It is an invisible and odourless coating that renders every surface where it’s applied self-disinfecting.

The active ingredient in ACT CleanCoat® is titanium dioxide (TiO2). TiO2 is a well-known catalyst that starts a process to decompose organic material when activated by light. This is known as a photocatalytic reaction.

ACT CleanCoat® uses the proven effect of titanium dioxide in an ultra-fine form that amplifies its effect on contaminants and enables longevity. Because the ultra-fine Titanium Dioxide Complex is a catalyst and not part of the reaction, it keeps on working day after day, month after month.

ACT CleanCoat®  is in compliance with the European Union Commission´s Biocidal Product Regulation under the guidance of the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).

More about our Biocidal Product Regulation, our dossier and Letter of Access.

Titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is the active ingredient in ACT CleanCoat®. There is a good chance that you already know TiO2 from your candy, sunscreen or your favorite toothpaste. In product declarations it is known as E171. TiO2 is known, approved and used as food additive both in the EU and the USA.

Regular white paint also contains TiO2 where it is used as the pigment. On the label you can find it as (PW6, CI 77891). On a yearly basis 4.6 mill tons TiO2 are used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and households.


Photo-catalysis is a reaction that occurs in the presence of light, water and oxygen. The reaction is accelerated by a catalyst (Titanium dioxide) and is normally activated by the energy of light.

When TiO2 is exposed to light, electron-hole pairs are generated, facilitating reduction and oxidation reactions through the formation of free radicals on TiO2 surfaces. These radicals are highly reactive oxidizing species, capable of degrading pollutants that come close to the surface. This reaction converts harmful organic materials such as bacteria, viruses, mould and NOx into harmless substances.


Our products have passed several European Standard tests. The tests have been conducted and confirmed in cooperation with renowned laboratories like: Dr Brill and Steinman, ISI Food Protection and Chang Gung University

ACT CleanCoat®

EN 13624 Yeast & mould (step 1)
EN 14562 Yeast & mould (step 2)
EN 14348 Mycobacteria (step 1)
EN 14563 Mycobacteria (step 2)
EN 13727 Bacteria (step 1)
EN 14561 Bacteria (step 2)
EN 13704 Spore
EN 14476 Virus

ACT Protection

EN 13624 Yeast & mould (step 1)
EN 14563 Mycobacteria (step 2)
EN 13727 Bacteria (step 1)
EN 13704 Spore
EN 14476 Virus

Further passed EN test include

EN 1276 Anti bacterial effect (step 1).
EN 13697 Surface test (step 2)
EN 14349 Non-porous surface test (step 2)
EN 1500 Hand disinfection
EN 12791 Surgical hand disinfection (step 2)
EN 1657 Yeast and mould (step 1)
EN 1650 Yeast and mould (step 1)


Together with recognised laboratories we constantly work towards improving our solutions, test methods and getting further approvals.

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