BENEFITS for Agriculture with Premium Purity™

ACT CleanCoat™ is part of Premium Purity™. ACT CleanCoat™ is based on effective technology specifically designed to combat harmful microbes. When applied to surfaces and exposed to ordinary light, ACT CleanCoat™ becomes self-disinfecting and breaks down microbes such as bacteria, viruses, airborne mold spores and chemical compounds such as VOCs.

The product is transparent, odorless and applicable to any surface. When exposed to light, a photocatalytic reaction starts that breaks down microbes and purifies the air.

“Test af CleanCoat™ fra ACT.Global i landbrugsapplikationer” (in Danish) is an independent study from the Danish Technological Institute (Teknologisk Institut).

Download the whole report (in Danish) here:

Test Technologic Institute (54 downloads)