Riding the low-microbial wave

Water & Wellness Flintholm, Copenhagen, Denmark

Riding the low-microbial wave

Water & Wellness Flintholm opened its doors to the public for the first time in the summer of 2017. The 6,400 m2 pentagonal swimming pool is amongst the most modern and innovative in Denmark, with design inspired by international best practices.


This innovative approach led the facility to install full steel pools and a closed circuit for the water slides—both unusual features in Denmark.

The same goes for the warm-water pool, and a second floor entirely given over to a gym that houses Copenhagen’s very best gymnasts.

Water & Wellness Flintholm’s commitment to innovation also extends to its implementation of Premium Purity™.

Prior to opening, the entire facility was treated with ACT CleanCoat. No conventional cleaning detergent has been used since, and ACT ECA System is the only detergent needed for all daily cleaning.

Christian Federspiel, Managing Director, Water & Wellness
Foto: Martin Håkan / Coverganda.dk

Managing Director, Christian Federspiel: “It has been a conscious decision to go all-in from the beginning. In this way, we give our personnel the easiest and healthiest possible working environment – and our guests are, without a doubt, appreciating the clean, low-bacterial environment.

“Besides the disinfection effect of the ACT Solution, I have been extremely pleased with the entire implementation process and after-service. The service contract we have signed is truly that—a service contract. No issues have been too big or small during the implementation or follow-up meetings. If needed, ACT.Global quickly sends skilful personnel. I can warmly recommend ACT.Global and Premium Purity™ to all other sport and swimming facilities.”

‘We are presenting our guests with a truly clean environment, making life easy for our staff and helping the environment. What’s not to like?’

ACT CleanCoat

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