Faster, higher, stronger … safer

Träningsbutiken, Dalby, Sweden  

Faster, higher, stronger … safer

A wound infected with Staphylococcus aureus easily takes away the joy of winning a judo fight, and there is no benefit from a spinning class if you get an infection in the process.

Unfortunately, it is quite common to contract an infection when you hit the gym; in most fitness centres, where a lot of people are crammed together in a closed environment with body fluids, blood, and physical contact – ideal conditions for cross-contaminations.

This was also the case at Träningsbutiken in Lund, Sweden. Instead of just accepting it as a risk of the sport, they committed themselves to change the rules of the game.

Today Träningsbutiken has become Sweden’s, and maybe the world’s, first hygienic clean fitness centre. The centre has implemented Premium Purity™. All surfaces, including training mats, were treated and are now self-disinfecting – actively eliminating bacteria and virus. To fight the spread of contact-based germs, the ACT Hand Protect was also introduced.

The ACT ECA System has replaced most of the previous detergents, giving the centre a greener footprint and freeing its members from harsh smells of chemicals. To make sure the hygiene standard stays at the desired level, routine tests have been added to the revised cleaning protocol.

The results are staggering and the reactions overwhelming! In fact, the better indoor air quality and the positive reactions have lead Träningsbutiken to use the certification as a low-bacterial environment in their marketing strategy – and that has already paid off.


I really like this new solution. It is much easier to clean and the centre as a whole just feels more ‘fresh’. There is a significant difference compared to before – and I love the fact that it is good for the environment too.

Sarah Wahlgreen
Daily Manager and Instructor, Träningsbutiken

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