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ACT.Global provides protection and reassurance to major Danish firm’s employees

Traditionally, the handrails on public staircases are seen as a major source of harmful bacteria, and many people avoid touching them to not get sick. Sometimes, however, what seems like a sensible precaution can have some unforeseen consequences.

That was the case at the head office of a major Danish company where several employees had been injured in falls while using the stairs as they did not want to hold on to the railing.

To protect the wellbeing of its employees the firm contacted ACT.Global. The objective was to provide an effective anti-bacterial solution that reassured staff that the handrails were safe to use.

In this case, ACT.Global introduced ACT Surface Protect, a harmless disinfectant that attaches itself to surfaces, eliminating bacteria and viruses for 10 days. Our customer’s cleaning staff was instructed to wipe the handrails with ACT Surface Protect every seven days.

The results were dramatic. Using the standard industry measurement for microorganisms, we discovered that prior to the ACT Surface Protect treatment the handrails were home to 4.55 colony-forming units (CFU) per square centimetre (a measurement for the average microbial load in an area). Within six weeks of using the ACT Solution, however, that figure had dropped to 1.50 CFU/cm², and to just 1.01 CFU/cm² after 12 weeks. (See fig.1). By comparison, a reading of 2.5 CFU/cm² or lower is considered clean enough for surgery.

Figure 1. Average microbial load [CFU/cm²], on bannister

  Baseline,  Week 6,  Week 12

Another high-touch area ACT.Global was asked to address was the touch screens on the company’s many coffee machines. Here, ACT.Global used ACT CleanCoat®, a light-activated coating that eliminates harmful microbes for up to 12 months.

ACT.Global also treated the restaurant’s serving tongs and other utensils with ACT CleanCoat®, providing employees with further reassurance of a safe and clean environment.

In the kitchens where the food is prepared, ACT.Global introduced ACT Hand Protect soap. This replaced an ineffective two-step procedure, involving conventional soap and disinfectant, which offered only a few seconds of protection before vaporising. ACT Hand Protect Soap, by contrast, cleans and disinfects simultaneously and provides at least three hours’ protection against a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including influenza. ACT Hand Protect does not dry out the skin either, and as a result the staff now reports that they do not suffer from dry irritated hands anymore.

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