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Citytandläkarna in Lund, Lund, Sweden

Can clean get cleaner?

That was OUR challenge at ‎Citytandläkarna in Lund, Sweden. As with most medical clinics, the hygienic standard was known to be quite high. Cleaning and disinfection was done regularly and in accordance with standard cleaning protocol. The dentist practiced good hand hygiene by disinfecting with alcohol, even though it caused dry hands and skin. Could Premium Purity™ really improve this?

To document the effect of Premium Purity™, we conducted a simple side-by-side test by selecting two comparable operation theatres. 

First we cleaned both rooms thoroughly to establish a comparable starting point.

In Room 1 we implemented Premium Purity™, including coating with ACT CleanCoat, daily cleaning with ACT ECA System, hand disinfection with ACT Hand Protect. Room 2 and its cleaning protocol was left unaltered and served as base line data.

The numbers speak for themselves …

“The first thing that struck me, was that there was such a significant difference in numbers. We are very conscious about our cleaning and disinfections protocols – yet we still had room for improvement. I will certainly discuss this with my colleagues. We think we are secured with our daily cleaning using alcohol – turns out we were wrong.

On a more personal level, I really liked the long-lasting effect of the ACT Hand Protect. Instead of the kill-and-disappear effect of alcohol that requires lots of usage, I now only have to disinfect my hands every three hours, achieving better results.”

Maria Olsson Bejmar
Dental hygienist at Citytandläkarna in Lund

ACT Hand Protect

3 hours protection for hand and skin

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