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Manuela Trevito, Cleaning Coordinator

“I AM REALLY glad that we have found a solution where we avoid chemicals and can save plastic as well.”

Case: Borussia Mönchengladbach

Looking after each other has always been a priority for the German football team Borussia Mönchengladbach. This caring attitudes towards player, staff and fans alike is one of the reasons why a football club from a small town in Germany became one of the greatest teams in Europe.

Another reason is that the club isn’t averse to innovation either, as the partnership with ACT.Global demonstrates. Our team has been immensely proud to work with their team to continue the club’s long and rich history, as the club once again rises the European rankings. A journey the club is familiar with. 

The team joined the Bundesliga in 1965 and saw the majority of its success in the 1970s, where, under the guidance of Hennes Weisweiler, they captured five league championships with Die Fohlen; a term coined as the squad were young with a fast, aggressive playing style. Mönchengladbach also won two UEFA Cup titles during this period.

As Allan Simonsen, one of the club’s greatest players between 1972 and 1979, says:

 ‘The club has always taken care of the players. Today. Premium Purity™ helps with that, protecting the team from bacteria, germs and viruses.’

Top Of The League When It Comes To Hygiene

Premium Purity™ has been used in the grounds, vehicles and dressing rooms to maintain a hygienic, healthy and pleasant environment for players, staff and fans alike. 

On the team’s bus, for example, all surfaces have been treated with ACT CleanCoat™. As soon as light hits these treated surfaces, photocatalysis occurs, destroying bacteria, viruses and even airborne mold spores. 

The long-term disinfection is especially beneficial in combines spaces where a lot of people sit close together and touch the same surfaces. 

Following the initial treatment, ACT ECA Water is used for daily cleaning purposes, so little other maintenance is required to keep large areas free from infection. 

ACT ECA Water is produced on-site using just salt and water. This makes it cost-effective as well as a very eco-friendly way to keep all types of surfaces clean and free from bacteria. Eliminating the need for other costly, toxic chemical cleaning agents.

As the clubs Cleaning Coordinator, Manuela Trevito, is heading of the change from toxic chemicals and short-lived disinfection to Premium Purity™. 

“With Premium Purity™ we create a pleasant indoor climate and protect our team and everyone else in the club from bacteria, germs and viruses. I am also glad that we have found a solution where we avoid chemicals and can save plastic as well.”

Here, at ACT.Global – we’re proud to be supporting Borussia Mönchengladbach all the way. 

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