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Beyond Coffee, Copenhagen, Denmark

Paper, plastic, glass, coffee?

There are many ways of recycling, but few of us would think of reusing discarded coffee grounds.

Not so Beyond Coffee. Where most of us see waste, this planet-friendly Copenhagen start-up saw an opportunity: the chance to grow top-quality oyster mushrooms, using the nutrient-rich grounds as nutrition, and sell them to high-end restaurants.

As well as being beautiful and delicious, oyster mushrooms also require a lot of nutrition. Their enzymes easily break down the hardwoods they grow on in their natural habitat, and they’ll also quite happily feed on paper, petroleum products and, yes, coffee grounds.

After collecting used organic grounds from big companies around the Danish capital, Beyond Coffee mixes them with mycelium, the part of the fungus that produces mushrooms, and stores the mix in a sealed bag in a dark, cool container. Later, the bags are moved to a light, warm container, and the mushrooms begin to sprout.

Beyond Coffee’s Chairman, Tobias Lau, explains the growth process

As well as providing good conditions for growing oyster mushrooms, Beyond Coffee’s growbags also housed an unwelcome guest: mold. The firm’s search for a clean, green, and safe way to eradicate mold led to ACT.Global.

To ensure a hygienic start to the production, we turned to Premium Purity™ and treated the mixing room where the coffee grouts are mixed with the mushroom spores. Our coating uses light to trigger a reaction that eliminates mold and other harmful microbes for 12 months.

Also, we added the ACT ECA System™ to Beyond Coffee’s daily cleaning routine, enabling them to only clean with electrolyzed water and salt.

Ebbe Korsgaard, CEO of Beyond Coffee with one of their grow-oyster-mushrooms-at-home kits

Ebbe Korsgaard, CEO of Beyond Coffee

The change to Premium Purity was actually surprisingly seamless. Once the coating was in place, we only had to change a few steps in the cleaning process, and then we were good to go. Before we had implemented Premium Purity, we would sometimes discard 50% of a harvest, now we are closer to an average of 5%. Needless to say, we are rather satisfied with these results.

As Beyond Coffee is centralizing and upscaling the production, we are proud to be a part of this green journey that takes a circular economy to the next step.


For more information on Beyond Coffee, see: http://www.beyondcoffee.eu/

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