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Hotel Herman K, Copenhagen, Denmark

5-star boutique hotel becomes the first in Denmark to remove harsh cleaning products

Luxurious rooms, a gourmet restaurant, and a spectacular “industrial chic” design is only part of Hotel Herman K’s appeal. The commitment to cutting-edge quality also extends to some aspects of the hotel you can’t see. The hotel is ahead of the curve when it comes to having a green profile, becoming the first hotel in Denmark to remove traditional cleaning products and the harmful chemicals they contain.

Instead, the hotel has implemented Premium Purity™.

Photo: With courtesy of Hotel Herman K. All rights reserved Brøchner Hotels.

Brøchner Hotels, the boutique chain that operates the Hotel Herman K, initially tested Premium Purity™ at the Hotel Astoria, another of its prestigious Copenhagen locations.

According to Christian Lond, Director of Brøchner Lab, ACT CleanCoat™ reduced the microbial level at Hotel Astoria to below what is required in a hospital operating theatre, and at the same time also improved the air quality and reduced water consumption through the ACT ECA System™.

“A thoroughly cleaned room is one of the cornerstones in a great hotel experience. Often harsh cleaning products are used to ensure this, but in general, they contain harmful chemicals and can, for example, dry out our cleaning staffs skin and pollute the environment. With Premium Purity™ we solve these challenges and consider both the environment, our guests, and our employees.

Moreover, the rooms are uncontaminated, and the water consumption is kept to a minimum. During the entire process, ACT.Global has provided competent counselling and worked closely with our Quality & Service team at our hotels to ensure the correct implementation of Premium Purity™. 

At Brøchner Hotels, we have an ambition of using innovative solutions to create unique hotels. Consequently, it is natural for us to use the newest solutions on the market to ensure we deliver outstanding hotel experiences, and within their field ACT.Global helps set new standards”, said Christian Lond.

Photo: Christian Lond, Director of Brøchner Hotels’ procurement lab. With courtesy of the Brøchner Hotels. All rights reserved Brøchner Hotels.

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