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Is your biocide still legal on the European marked?

New EU regulations bring about changes

Right now, a lot of industries are affected by the new EU regulations on products. One of these regulations relates to the sale of biocides (BPR, Regulation (EU528/2012), meaning all products that provide chemical protection against micro-organisms like bacteria, germs and mould.

As specified in Article 95, as part of the BPR, as of September 1, 2015 all biocidal products must have an EU product authorisation for their active substance (i.e. be included in the Article 95 list) to legally remain on the market.

There are provisional measures for products under article 93, which states that biocidal products that are under transitional measures (in situ generated active substances) must be registered before 1st September 2017, in order to legally remain on the market.

How to get registered

If you are not in compliance with the BPR by having your product(s) registered in accordance with Article 95 or Article 93, there is still something you can do.

You can acquire what is called a Letter of Access. Via this letter you buy access to data from a company that has already submitted a dossier, and hereby already covered the data related to the active substance for your product type.

We can help

ACT.Global holds a dossier for Biocides that use in situ generated free radicals (in accordance with article 93, and spanning several products types).

For more information send a mail to dossier@act.global

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