kWe can help you leverage Premium Purity™ as a branding tool both internally and externally.

The Premium Purity™ symbol is a quality stamp that assures customers that your ship is low-microbial and uses sustainable disinfection and cleaning. It also demonstrates that your vessel is saving toxic chemicals, water, and plastic.

ACT.Global has developed a Premium Purity™ branding tool kit with useful assets that can help promote the client’s use of Premium Purity™. The kit includes logos and collaterals for an easy branding of the Premium Purity™ certification.

There is not any demand for a client to use every item in the toolbox. Instead, it is supposed to be a set of assets that the client can use and tailor to their needs.

For activities that are not part of the Premium Purity™ branding tool kit, please refer to Kontakt for assistance and approvals.


The Premium Purity™ logo is designed in gold, and whenever possible it is printed in e.g. gold foil or cast in enamel. Besides gold, the Premium Purity™ logo is available in gold, black, and white. The logo is available in various formats that can be used in all types of media.

Example of use on food wrap
Example of use in a print ad


Wall certificates

Enamel signs with the Premium Purity™ logo can be placed on the wall of a coated room. The signs will typically be placed on the wall by the ACT.Global coater just before coating. The signs feature valid until dates. The small ‘valid until’ will be updated after each recoating of the facilities.

Glass plaque

Elegant glass plaques with a gold imprint of the Premium Purity™ logo, a white imprint of the client’s logo and a short summary of the Premium Purity™ benefits can be placed in a visible area, such as the reception.


A3 Premium Purity™ certificate with gold print, the client logo and a short description can be placed in an appropriate area.


The client can show their Premium Purity™ certification through various media such as their website, press releases, or social media channels. The following copy is an example for inspiration.

Welcome to Premium Purity™

We are Premium Purity™ certified and offer a sustainable and low-microbial environment for our staff and guests – cleaned with only water and salt.

Part of Premium Purity™ is an advanced coating technology, designed to decompose harmful microbes such as bacteria, virus, airborne mold spores, and chemical compounds.

The coating is transparent, odorless, long-lasting and without any harmful effects. When the coating is exposed to light, a photocatalytic reaction starts, which decomposes microbes and purifies the air. The coating enables cleaning with electrolyzed water and salt instead of traditional cleaning detergents. This way, we also produce our own detergents.

With Premium Purity™, we have significantly reduced our use of toxic chemicals, water, and plastic.


To facilitate the client’s communication about Premium Purity™, we have prepared a series of pictures. The pictures show ACT.Global personnel in different stages of Premium Purity™ implementation. There is a variety of different roles and scenes to choose from. For pictures contact us.

Social Media

For social media use, we have prepared a few suggestions to promote a client’s Premium Purity™ certification.


[Copy suggestion]

[Insert name] is now Premium Purity™ certified. This means we offer purified air while saving toxic chemicals, water, and plastic.


[link to the client’s webpage or subpage with Premium Purity™ instructions]

[Copy suggestion]

Saving toxic chemicals, water, and plastic with Premium Purity™

[link to the client’s webpage or subpage with Premium Purity™ instructions]


Even on a picture-driven social media platform like Instagram, it is possible to say a lot. For instance, post a picture of your CEO with the Premium Purity™ certificate or a close up of the wall certificate.