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At ACT.Global we want to save lives by protecting humans and animals from damaging microbes and harmful organic chemicals. We copy nature’s own disinfection methods, creating an efficient long-term and eco-friendly disinfection solution.

The ACT Solution is especially beneficial to industries where low-bacterial environments are mission critical such as in health care, hotels, breweries and food production.

Through our solution, the planet will also be alleviated from toxic chemicals and significant use of water and plastic.

ACT.Global was established in 2013 and is currently represented in 15+ markets worldwide.

What the ACT Solution offers

Long-lasting protection

  • Protection against harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Protection against airborne microbes and chemicals like VOCs
  • Protection against mould and algae

Corporate social responsibility

  • Reduced use of toxic chemicals and detergents
  • Water savings related to cleaning
  • Use of nature’s own processes to reduce harmful microbes
  • A greener footprint

Healthier environment

  • Live and work in healthy and fresh air with out unpleasant odour
  • Exposure to pernicious chemicals is reduced

Return on investment

  • Achieve a higher level of hygiene with less effort
  • Prolonged intervals between cleaning and disinfection

Increased visibility

  • Data-driven solutions secure high and uniformed standards
  • Quickly spot challenging areas and adjust procedures accordingly

Green and long-lasting disinfection

With the ACT Solution you can eliminate the use of all pernicious chemicals from your disinfection and cleaning cycle.

Whereas conventional disinfections, which quickly vaporise, the ACT Solution makes surfaces self-disinfecting, providing you with long-term protection against all kinds of microbes, including bacteria, viruses, algae, mould spores, VOCs and unpleasant odours.

ISS Facility Services

When we were first introduced to the ACT Solution, we quickly saw some significant benefits for us and our customers. With the revolutionising power of the ACT Solution, combined with our operational expertise and know-how, we are able to move to the next level of cleaning and disinfection.

During working hours our dedicated staff delivers top quality service, and off-hours the ACT Solution keeps working and protecting humans, property and products.

Besides ensuring better cleaning that lasts longer, we are especially pleased to play our part in making the planet a better place – this by dramatically reducing the amounts of chemicals and water used in the cleaning process.

This is without question the future of our industry.

Mr. Abhijit Datta,

Former Country Manager of ISS Thailand

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